Needlepoint of a Risograph duplicator machine, 4x4".
Animation made with letterpress-printed color backgrounds and digital drawing.

Risograph poster and bumper sticker to advertise my neighborhood clean-up walks. #plogging
Pulp Paintings
Handmade abaca and cotton
pulp paintings with inlaid fruit
bag mesh.
Mandala Project
A series of "mandala" digital collages made with scans from vintage children's magazines.
Single art & photography with collage for Super Brava
Digital collages, just for fun.
Found imagery with paint.
Series of marker on notepad drawings.
Altered images made during the 2020 lockdown.
Thanksgiving t-shirt design, hand-drawn for a family fun run.
Country Classics zine, printed by Risology Club & made with painted-on vintage Country Classics trading cards and other found ephemera.
Collage of artist photos for Magic Roundabout

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